VSAT: Global High Speed Internet Services

VSAT systems provide high speed, broadband satellite communications for Internet or private network communications. VSAT is ideal for mining camps, vessels at sea, satellite news gathering, emergency responders, oil & gas camps or any application that requires a broadband Internet connection at a remote location.

VSAT is an excellent way to connect your remote sites and workers with Internet communications for email, web access, video transmissions, Voice over IP telephone services, or other IP applications for your field operations. VSAT enables you to expedite your business processes by integrating field operations with your corporate wide area network.

Star Networks’s VSAT Services

Star Networks  is a leading integrator of VSAT systems for media, mining, oil & gas and government sectors. Our customer-centric business model is premised upon providing the right solution to fit the specific needs of your budget, application requirements, operating location and environment, at land or sea. We provide you with options of leading VSAT technologies, satellites, teleports and flexible service plans, to ensure your VSAT implementation is successfully aligned to your needs.  Our track record, depth of experience, strong financial health, and business longevity, all add up to make us a trusted provider for VSAT services on a global basis.

VSAT is a great method of connecting remote offices, job sites, as well as workers in remote locations who need Internet communications. Email, web access, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service as well as your own internet required applications. Use a company VPN to quickly connect your remote worker or office into the WAN (Wide Area Network) and allow for access to crucial materials needed.

Our complete solution includes:

  • Fixed Site 1.2 Antenna and accessories
  • KU BUC and LNB
  • MDM-3100 Modem
We can also assist you with connecting a Managed Security Device and Wireless Access Points (WAP) to provide signal to your entire site.

VSAT satellite communications services we offer include:

  • Internet access
  • Enterprise Wide Area Networks and VPN
  • Point-to-Point Circuits
  • VNO, Group QoS and Hub-based Private Networks
  • Uplinking
  • Hybrid Networks
  • Maritime Connectivity