Thuraya offers a range of flexible and cost-effective Postpay and Prepay price packages to meet a diverse range of mobile voice and data communication requirements.

Thuraya Pre-Paid Plans
20 Airtime Units                                        $22.50
39 Airtime Units $42.50
50 Airtime Units $52.50
80 Airtime Units $82.50
160 Airtime Units $162.50
Thuraya Pre-Paid Sim Card and Activation $120.00
 Thuraya Post-Paid Plans
Once off Activation Fee $50.00
Thuraya Standard Post-Paid Plan – Monthly Subscription $50.00
Thuraya Post-Paid Sim Card $50.00
 * Pre-Paid Card loses its validity if not recharged during 3 months                                                                                                       
* Sim includes $10.00 initial credit
* Initial account validity is one year, effective from the first call made
* First call must be made within 6 months after date of activation, otherwise SIM Card will be deactivated
* Sim card validity can be extended by a year subject to payment of annual renewal fee
* Credit refill can be topped up with the standard Thuraya scratch cards
* Renewal fee is waived for heavy users making more than $1,500.00 worth of satellite calls