VSAT Service

Star Networks believes in being closer to our customers, to deliver quality services and to provide mark et leading customer service and support. We work closely with our reseller partners who have experience on the ground and who we can support to provide a range of services that you may not have access to now or from providers which are unreliable, too expensive or don’t deliver the service you expect. We are always keen to establish new partnerships with reliable and dependable resellers. Link System offers a wide range of Internet and data services and we will work with you to develop proposals to select the most cost effective solution for your customers’ requirements, whether it is a small fixed iDirect ® system or an SCPC installation for larger entities requiring higher data speeds.

VSAT satellite communications services we offer include:

  • Internet access
  • Enterprise Wide Area Networks and VPN
  • Point-to-Point Circuits
  • VNO, Group QoS and Hub-based Private Networks
  • Uplinking
  • Hybrid Networks
  • Maritime Connectivity
iDirect-enabled Service

Star Network offers the complete range of iDirect VSAT products and services including broadband satellite Internet access solutions, WAN networks, VNO and private networks based on Star and Mesh topologies.

iDirect is a central hub technology, ideal for Enterprise clients Requiring reliable, cost effective satellite connectivity enabling remote locations to access Tier 1 Internet or MPLS networks through our teleport in Italia. iDirect is the perfect solution for delivery of smaller broadband Internet links, corporate networks with dedicated private capacity and backup to terrestrial connectivity. iDirect is designed for IP applications supporting extensive QoS, VLAN, prioritization, TCP acceleration and incorporates numerous features for enhancing reliability. It is used extensively for VoIP, data and Video conferencing. Link System company operates both infinity ® and Evolution ® networks covering all of Europe, Middle East and Africa in C and Ku-band. See the coverage map for details.

Value Added Services
Star Network Satellite Communication is a global leader in all communication solutions has been developing ,building and operating satellite networks for the last decade.Throught our commitment to innovation,we continue to introduce new technologies that redefine the standard for industry.Our customer include major corporation and governments across the world and our name is synonymous with reliable,secure communications,no matter where you ‘re on the planet.

Value added Services we provides are :

  • Hosting of Websites
  • Hosting of mail Accounts
  • Broadband Wireless
  • Streaming Data Service for live Events
  • Office and Home Security Solutions
  • Application Development

SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) Services or Point-to-Point links are tailor made for corporate networks, low and high speed IP trunking, cellular backhaul, voice trunking, VoIP and video conferencing. Flexible technology allows deployment of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and hybrid solutions to suit all network topologies. SCPC links offer secure, reliable connectivity with dedicated bandwidth optimized for application performance and location. Our end-to-end fully Managed Services include 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

The key features of Star Networks ® SCPC circuits are:

  • High performance service and skilled 24/7 technical support
  • In addition to Ethernet, Link System® SCPC VSAT terminals support G.703 interfaces (T1, E1, T3 and E3), EIA-422, EIA-232, HSSI (Serial LVDS) and V.35.
  • Data rates from 64 kbit/s and up to full transponder
  • Support for optional redundancy switches
  • High order modulations and efficient TPC or LDPC FEC
  • iSCPC – integrated CIR service with a choice of full QoS support, TCP acceleration, IP router and low cost of terminal equipment

VoiP via Satellite

Voice over IP (VoIP). A provider, an account, a network, managed business VoIP.

Even with the growing number of communication channels today, companies still rely heavily on voice communications. Whether it’s a customer who calls to place an order or an employee who calls to evaluate customer satisfaction, voice communications provide a direct and personal connection.

The Voice over IP (VoIP) solution managed by Star Networks provides high-quality, more reliable voice communications that are more flexible and offer more features than a traditional telephone line. Leveraging its existing data network to converge voice and data flows, VoIP allows a single network, a single provider, a single invoice of administration costs, of traffic costs per min.

For companies that have Call Center, or require high volumes of calls, Star Networks offers a VoIP solution tied with Cisco  VoIP Phones . This provides a high volume business VoIP solution that guarantees the prioritization of voice packets through the WAN with minimal loss in call quality, even during periods of high network traffic.

Key advantages: 

  • A turnkey solution that offers low overhead costs without replacing existing technology
  • Improves the customer experience and workforce with advanced voice features
  • Improves the efficiency of operations with flexible call routing
  • National infrastructure that reaches all your locations
  • A supplier, an invoice
  • There is no need for multiple local and long distance operators, which reduces complexity
  • A fully managed solution frees up your resources and allows you to focus on your business, not your technology.
  • Intelligent switch with all the functions of a callcenter.
  • Coverage in All African countries, Middle East and Canada including at sea.
Managed networks

With the explosive growth in cloud-based applications and rich media used in all branches, the base of the distributed company is changing. Many companies around the world are looking for next-generation WAN architectures that offer high performance, nonstop application availability, and industry-leading security to all branches.

Star networks services managed end-to-end take advantage of the best of cable, wireless and satellite technologies to deliver highly secure and reliable broadband connectivity to all branch sites.

Whatever your business, Star Networks  offers an optimized network solution with the bandwidth, technology and support you need. And as their needs change, a solution managed by Star Networks  is scalable, so it can grow to support virtually any network size

JabaSat services help simplify all these complexities and ensure that your network is secure, high-performance and cost-effective. Our goal is to eliminate the burden your team feels when managing your WAN. From end to end, we focus on transforming your network, so you can focus on your business.

Key advantages:

  • A fully managed end-to-end integrated network solution
  • Advanced optimization techniques to ensure business performance of critical applications
  • Implementation, configuration and implementation of turnkey network
  • Proactive management of equipment and network failures
  • Support 24 × 7 worldwide and help desk SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Mesh Topology

Imagine  a world in which light poles, vehicles, handheld devices and temporary ‘scatter’ nodes make up an all-over, high-speed network. 

Mesh networking uses wireless nodes,  to provide wireless LAN coverage and wireless backhaul. The nodes interconnect to form a self-healing network or mesh that can support mobile data access, voice, cameras down a street, around a campus or over a whole city or community.

The Star Networks  mesh was able to aggregate the bandwidth required and use larger, less expensive per megabyte uplinks, because its mesh nodes have the ability to support multiple radios for mesh interconnections.

The mesh could also support ad hoc placement of cameras for events to provide additional security for the community. And fi re brigade crews could drop portable mesh points when entering buildings to maintain connectivity while inside. If all emergency vehicles were fi tted with mesh nodes then even when they were away from the actual mesh network they could form their own portable network to transfer information or share any available backhaul connection.

03b Communication Services

Over three billion people in the world are denied the benefit of globalization because they are denied access to the 21st century communication network. Historically, they have not been able to access the internet, meaning they have not been able to connect the rest of the world and benefit from the economic growth that come with that connection.

03b has developed a unique solution to address the challenges experienced by operators today. 03b’ Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation provide enterprises and government customers with a

Low latency, high bandwidth, affordable middle-mile alternative to connect to the rest of world.

03b’s next-generation network combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber, providing customers with affordable, low latency, high throughput connectivity.


03b Advantage

High Speed

O3b’s satellites provide fiber-like throughput with an average of three to four times higher

throughput than geostationary satellites. More throughput means more people can be

connected to the internet at fiber speeds. Unlike alternative satellite solutions, bandwidth

demand will not outstrip O3b’s ability to supply capacity. O3b provides complete assurance

that as a supplier it will match the growth of its customers.

Low Latency

O3b’s unique network of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites eliminates the delay

associated with traditional GEO satellites. Roundtrip data transmission takes less than

150 milliseconds. This creates a web experience like terrestrial systems such as DSL

or Optical Fiber. For the end customer, this means…

  • Fast web access
  • Clear, natural voice communications
  • Real-time, lag-free video conferencing
  • Full-speed IP over VPN
  • Seamless access to web-based software and services

Low Cost

The O3b solution eliminates the need to construct extensive and expensive terrestrial

backhaul networks, offering lower cost per megabit than current geostationary satellites.

This enables operators to connect more customers, and provides the ability to focus more

time on the front end of their business, increasing profitable reach and subscribers.

Global Coverage

O3b’s next-generation satellite constellation will reach consumers, businesses and other

organisations in 180 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and The Pacific.

Over three billion people will enjoy access to broadband for the first time.

Star Networks partnered with 03b to offers 03b services in Africa and Middle East rural area.