SCPC – Single Channel per Carrier

SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) Services or Point-to-Point links are tailor made for corporate networks, low and high speed IP trunking, cellular backhaul, voice trunking, VoIP and video conferencing. Flexible technology allows deployment of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and hybrid solutions to suit all network topologies. SCPC links offer secure, reliable connectivity with dedicated bandwidth optimized for application performance and location. Our end-to-end fully Managed Services include 24/7 monitoring, monthly reporting and Service Level Agreements guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

The key features of Star Networks ® SCPC circuits are:

  • High performance service and skilled 24/7 technical support
  • In addition to Ethernet, Link System® SCPC VSAT terminals support G.703 interfaces (T1, E1, T3 and E3), EIA-422, EIA-232, HSSI (Serial LVDS) and V.35.
  • Data rates from 64 kbit/s and up to full transponder
  • Support for optional redundancy switches
  • High order modulations and efficient TPC or LDPC FEC
  • iSCPC – integrated CIR service with a choice of full QoS support, TCP acceleration, IP router and low cost of terminal equipment