Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone

Handheld Global Sat Phone

Coverage: 100% Global
Talk Time: 3.5 Hours (30 hour standby)
Internet: Low-Speed 2.4 with Axcess point
Satellite Orbit: Low Earth Orbit – Moving

Iridium Extreme® combines market-leading toughness with an unmatched feature set including location awareness and a fully integrated SOS button with emergency response service — all in one compact handset.

  • SOS Button
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Military-Grade Toughness
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Up to 30 hours of standby time; Up to 4 hours of talk time

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

Handheld Global Sat Phone

Coverage: Global (except for poles)
Talk Time: 8 Hours (160 hour standby)
Internet: n/a
Satellite Orbit: Stationary

A robust handset, unrivalled battery life, excellent voice quality and the reliability you expect from the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications – IsatPhone 2 delivers it all.

All the features you need

  • Dependable connectivity
  • High voice quality
  • Voicemail, text and email messaging
  • Extended battery capacity
  • Assistance button – sends GPS location data and
    text to pre-set emergency number
  • Tracking – sends location information
  • Bluetooth for hands-free use
  • Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
  • Ergonomic and ruggedised handset

Iridium 9555

A Satellite Phone You Can Rely On

Coverage: 100% Global
Talk Time: 4 Hours (30 hour standby)
Internet: Low-Speed 2.4 with Axcesspoint
Satellite Orbit: Low Earth Orbit – Moving

Iridium 9555 is compact, light, and easy to use right out of the box. It’s engineered to withstand rugged environments and connected to the only truly global mobile network — so you can depend on it as a communications lifeline whenever and wherever it’s called for. Iridium 9555 has all of the voice and data features you have come to expect from our trusted satellite phones — plus a few notable additions:

Enhanced Features

  • Up to (4) hours of talk time, (30) hours of standby
  • Improved SMS and email messaging capability
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Upgraded mini-USB data port

IsatPhone Link

A Fixed Location Satellite Phone

Coverage: Global (except for poles)
Talk Time: Unlimited – Local power
Satellite Orbit: Stationary

A low-cost, fixed-line satellite phone service for people based in rural or remote areas outside of cellular coverage and deployable anywhere in the world.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, you can set up IsatPhone Link within minutes to provide crystal-clear and reliable telephone calling. Also ideal for emergency and back-up communications.

All features you need:

  • Reliable connection
  • Clear voice quality
  • Global coverage
  • PABX integration
  • Robust for outdoors
  • Easy to set-up

The IsatHub iSavi

Portable Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Coverage: Global (Except for Poles)
Talk Time: 7 Hours (16 hour standby)
Internet: High-speed 384 Kbps!
Satellite Orbit: Stationary

The IsatHub iSavi Global Satellite Hotspot is Broadband 384 Kbps Internet and phone for smartphones, tablets and laptops. IsatHub uses special “consumer class” IsatHub Internet global service from Inmarsat, providers of the highly popular BGAN service used by professional organizations and governments for highly reliable portable Internet connectivity. 

The first terminal to access the IsatHub service is Addvalue’s Wideye iSavi:

  • Weighs 850g
  • 179 x 170 x 30 mm
  • IsatHub services supported
    • Standard IP (up to 384 / 240 Kbps)
    • Circuit switched voice
    • Text
  • Battery: 2.5hr operating
  • Wi-Fi range of 30 metres / 100 feet
  • Built in SIP server
  • Mains charger
  • USB port for firmware updates only
  • LED arrows for pointing assistance

Iridium Extreme PTT Satellite Phones

Push-To-Talk Global Technology

Coverage: 100% Global
Talk Time: 5 Hours (16 hour standby)
Internet: Low-Speed 2.4 Kbps
Satellite Orbit: Low Earth Orbit – Moving

Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT phones are identical to standard Iridium Extreme 9575 phones, but have the added ability to act as a global push-to-talk radio with other PTT phones in its Talkgroup. Now at the touch of a button, communicate instantly with one or more PTT phones no matter their global location the touch of a button.

Quick Features:

  • Communicate with a group of PTT radio-phones at the touch of a button
  • 100% global coverage
  • Unlimited Push-To-Talk talk time – No per-minute costs
  • Can quickly switch to satellite telephone mode to make and receive phone calls

from Hughes Systems

Hughes HX & HN Series

The Hughes HN and HX systems are one of the most advanced and widely deployed satellite systems around the world.

Utilizing geostationary satellite coverage available, the comprehensive family of Hughes broadband solutions provides the capability to deliver broadband IP services virtually anywhere.

iDirect Technologies

iDirect Revolution X1 Routers

The iDirect Evolution X1 satellite router is available in two form factors; standard X1 Indoor gateway and the X1 Outdoor Gateway with ruggedized housing for use in remote unmanned locations for all weather use (IP67 NEMA 6 rating and -40° to 140°F temperatures). The X1 is more cost effective with many of the features of the X3 and X5, and is available for fixed VSAT dish installations.
● Star Topology
● Advanced QoS Prioritization
 iDirect Evolution X1 Indoor Gateway – Brochure
 iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor Gateway – Brochure

iDirect Technologies

iDirect Evolution X3 Series Satellite Router

The Evolution® X3 is a next-generation satellite router featuring iDirect’s highly efficient implementation of the DVB-S2/ACM standard. The X3 is ideally suited for broadband connectivity such as Internet and VPN access to enterprise networks, as well as real-time VoIP and video conferencing applications. Available in 1.5 RU rackmount tray. Larger image of Evolution X3 router
● Star topology
● DVB-S2/ACM outbound for greater efficiency and enhanced network availability
 iDirect Evolution X3 Satellite Router Brochure & Spec Sheet

iDirect Technologies

iDirect C Band Services

Covering Africa, Europe and the Middle East, our C-band services on W2A & Amos 5 Satellites provide our customers with increased resistance to rain fade for unprecedented reliability. In areas of high rainfall C-band is the technology of choice, and we offer a huge range of service plans for this platform.

Uplinked from our new teleport with a 18M antenna our C-band service , with this power at the hub, offers excellent signal strength and quality of service to customer sites with 1.8m antenna installations. The service supports the iDirect Evolution modem, an industry leading technology for the most advanced levels of reliability and efficiencies.

Key Features:

  • iDirect’s Intelligent Platform making it a better choice for VPN and/or VoIP
  • D-TDMA Upstream Transmission
  • TCP & HTTP Acceleration
  • DVB-S2 Technology
  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)

iDirect Technologies

iDirect Ku-band satellite dish

Star Networks offers Ku-band satellite dish options as well as portable L-band (BGAN M2M) equipment and service for remote or unmanned device monitoring and control, often referred to as M2M (Machine to Machine) or SCADA communication. BGAN M2M is a new low-usage service form Inmarsat that is ideal for monitoring and controlling remote equipment such as valves, pumps, generators, using the Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN terminal. This  satellite communications device will establishes a full time TCP-IP connection to the Internet using less than 4 watts, perfect low power locations anywhere on the globe.