Oceana 800 FleetPhone with Mast Antenna

Coverage: Global (except for poles)
Talk Time: Unlimited – Local power
Satellite Orbit: Stationary

Data plan price are available on inquiry.



The BEAM Oceana 800 Inmarsat FleetPhone is an IP54 rated maritime communications terminal.   Our standard kit includes an active marine mast antenna, and we offer antenna cables length options from 6 to 31 meters in length (cable not included with the kit).   Some of the important features of the Oceana 800 are:

  • GPS tracking capabilities
  • Speaker phone
  • Privacy handset
  • RJ11 phone port for use with standard phone equipment
  • wall mountable
  • Bluetooth support

Phone Port:  The intelligent RJ11/POTS interface can support up to 5 standard corded phones or can be integrated to a PABX system.  It can support phone cable runs of up to 2000 feet and incorporates intelligence to support standard ring, busy and dial tones.

GPS Features:  The Inmarsat Oceana 800 has an integrated GPS engine providing intelligent tracking and instant message reporting via SMS. The Tracking and Instant Message functionality can be configured to support automated periodic polling or instant message reporting with a single button press.

SMS Messaging Features:  An intuitive color LCD display provides easy and convenient access to send and receive SMS or to retrieve phone numbers stored in the terminal. Other key features include, a secondary SIM socket to override the internal SIM, an active privacy handset, a built-in hands-free speakerphone, a USB data port.


Standard Kit


  • BEAM RST055 UPS Battery Pack:   In the event of power failure, this battery pack provides up to 11 hours of talk time and 30 hours of standby time for the BEAM Oceana 800 FleetPhone.
  • Antenna Cables:   Outfitter Satellite offers 6-m, 12-m, 18.5 m, and 31 meter active antenna cables for the Oceana 800.  Most cable lengths are in stock.   Note:  an antenna cable is not included with the Oceana 800.

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