Oil & Gas

As sites move from exploration, Gas and Oil extraction operations have different communications requirements. Initially, remote personnel need to communicate with experts at in-country offices or corporate headquarters. As the site moves from exploration to production, the multi-tenant nature of operations – with operators, contractors and service companies – requires a communications infrastructure to deliver a full range of network services – business, operational, security and entertainment – effectively and cost-efficiently. Based on VSAT satellite and wireless network technology, Star Networks is a service provider that delivers the correct communications infrastructure for each stage of the E&P process.

Key Benefits:

  • A wide range of voice, data and video solutions – including VoIP, Internet, corporate networking, video conferencing and security – delivered securely over a single network infrastructure
  • Best of breed remote infrastructure based on satellite, wireless and fibre technologies with the highest level of security including IP and radio encryption
  • Global communications networks optimised for cost, performance and security regardless of how remote and hostile the location
  • Single, multi-service, QoS-driven network infrastructure to enable all systems – operational, business, security, infotainment and asset management – to operate seamlessly and secure providing performance, cost and management benefits on multi-tenant sites
  • Network equipment optimised for video and rich media traffic – including specifically designed Managed File Transfer (MFT) system – enables the real-time transfer of geological and seismic information as well as remote video conferencing facilities
  • Innovative range of pre-tested rapid deploy communications equipment – both vehicle mounted and kit-based – moving from installation to operation in as little as 15 minutes

Rapid Deploy Solutions for Exploration

Knowing exactly where to drill is the key to controlling cost and productivity during the exploration phase. Personnel at the remote site must be able to share information with experts offsite in real time. With any delay being costly, effective decision making is determined by the quality of communications. In addition, remote personnel need to be mobile in order to move quickly between drill locations. They require a communications infrastructure that ensures they are productive almost the moment they arrive at the drill site and can be quickly redeployed as operations evolves. Rapid deploy solutions from Star Networks enable a VSAT connection to be deployed and operational in as little as 15 minutes. By combining satellite with wireless connectivity, these rapid deploy solutions can quickly establish a hotspot to enable the remote personnel to roam securely within the designated area.
VoiP capabilities means the personnel benefit from low-cost mobile calls from within the wireless network.

Building a Secure and reliable Multi-tenant Network

As a site moves from exploration to production, the need for a reliable, available and scalable network infrastructure becomes essential. Previously, sites could easily have multiple instances of infrastructure as networks are put in place for different services or companies – operators, contractor, service companies, etc. This is costly and difficult to manage. Star Networks can provide a single multi-service network infrastructure for all site communications needs. Using an advanced Layer 3 architecture, the network provides dynamic and secure bandwidth management and prioritisation down to an individual application, user group or individual level. Combining satellite, wireless and mobile services, Datasat works with partners worldwide to ensure connection to local POPs where available for effective fibre connectivity.

Key Features

  • Turnkey VSAT, wireless and fibre connectivity for land drilling operations
  • Complete design, build, management and maintenance service with networks pre-engineered and tested to enable rapid deployment and reliable operations.
  • Multiple services – voice, business applications, CCTV surveillance, asset management etc – operate seamless over a single network infrastructure.
  • Network availability over 99.995% guaranteed by stringent SLA.
  • Advance Layer 3-based traffic management enabling dynamic QoS-driven bandwidth allocation to an individual service, user group or user level.
  • Network optimised for video and rich media traffic for applications such as CCTV surveillance, real-time GIS and infotainment.
  • Web-based and Cloud-based network management to enable comprehensive remote management from Star Networks data center.