Star Networks Mesh Topology

Imagine  a world in which light poles, vehicles, handheld devices and temporary ‘scatter’ nodes make up an all-over, high-speed network. 

Mesh networking uses wireless nodes,  to provide wireless LAN coverage and wireless backhaul. The nodes interconnect to form a self-healing network or mesh that can support mobile data access, voice, cameras down a street, around a campus or over a whole city or community.

The Star Networks  mesh was able to aggregate the bandwidth required and use larger, less expensive per megabyte uplinks, because its mesh nodes have the ability to support multiple radios for mesh interconnections.

The mesh could also support ad hoc placement of cameras for events to provide additional security for the community. And fi re brigade crews could drop portable mesh points when entering buildings to maintain connectivity while inside. If all emergency vehicles were fi tted with mesh nodes then even when they were away from the actual mesh network they could form their own portable network to transfer information or share any available backhaul connection.