Star Network offers the complete range of iDirect VSAT products and services including broadband satellite Internet access solutions, WAN networks, VNO and private networks based on Star and Mesh topologies.

iDirect is a central hub technology, ideal for Enterprise clients Requiring reliable, cost effective satellite connectivity enabling remote locations to access Tier 1 Internet or MPLS networks through our teleport in Italia. iDirect is the perfect solution for delivery of smaller broadband Internet links, corporate networks with dedicated private capacity and backup to terrestrial connectivity. iDirect is designed for IP applications supporting extensive QoS, VLAN, prioritization, TCP acceleration and incorporates numerous features for enhancing reliability. It is used extensively for VoIP, data and Video conferencing. Star Networks company operates both infinity ® and Evolution ® networks covering all of Europe, Middle East and Africa in C and Ku-band. See the coverage map for details.