Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is intended to enable a fire to be detected at a sufficiently early stage so that people who are at risk can be made safe either by escaping from the fire, or by the fire being extinguished (also to prevent extensive property damage). Neither of these measures can be used until people are made aware of fire.

The effectiveness of the fire detection and alarm system depends on the stage of the fire at which it is operated. In order for all the occupants to escape without too much difficulty, an early alarm should operate before the escape routes becomes smoke logged to such an extent as will cause occupants to have difficulty finding their way out of the building.

Fire Alarm systems are a key element in the safety of a facility. Like many other safety and security systems, there are many types of alarm systems in the market. There are two key elements in making a fire alarm system effective: design and reliable devices. Star Netwoks designs, procures, installs and maintains fire alarm systems that would fully match your business requirements from vendors such as Gents and Tyco. We only carry high-grade devices that are guaranteed to provide many years of dependable service in protecting lives.