Fiber Performance. Satellite Reach…Delivered!

Over three billion people in the world are denied the benefit of globalization because they are denied access to the 21st century communication network. Historically, they have not been able to access the internet, meaning they have not been able to connect the rest of the world and benefit from the economic growth that come with that connection.

03b Networks  has developed a unique solution to address the challenges experienced by operators today. 03b’ Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation provide enterprises and government customers with a

Low latency, high bandwidth, affordable middle-mile alternative to connect to the rest of world.

03b’s next-generation network combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber, providing customers with affordable, low latency, high throughput connectivity.

 03b Networks  Advantage

High Speed

O3b’s satellites provide fiber-like throughput with an average of three to four times higher

throughput than geostationary satellites. More throughput means more people can be

connected to the internet at fiber speeds. Unlike alternative satellite solutions, bandwidth

demand will not outstrip O3b’s ability to supply capacity. O3b provides complete assurance

that as a supplier it will match the growth of its customers.

Low Latency

O3b’s unique network of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites eliminates the delay

associated with traditional GEO satellites. Roundtrip data transmission takes less than

150 milliseconds. This creates a web experience like terrestrial systems such as DSL

or Optical Fiber. For the end customer, this means…

  • Fast web access
  • Clear, natural voice communications
  • Real-time, lag-free video conferencing
  • Full-speed IP over VPN
  • Seamless access to web-based software and services

Low Cost

The O3b solution eliminates the need to construct extensive and expensive terrestrial

backhaul networks, offering lower cost per megabit than current geostationary satellites.

This enables operators to connect more customers, and provides the ability to focus more

time on the front end of their business, increasing profitable reach and subscribers.

Global Coverage

O3b’s next-generation satellite constellation will reach consumers, businesses and other

organisations in 180 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and The Pacific.

Over three billion people will enjoy access to broadband for the first time.

Star Networks partnered with 03b Networks  to offers 03b services in Africa and Middle East rural area.